Cindy’s Newest Book Now Available!

Dear friends, I am pleased to announce the release of my newest book, “An Extraordinary Ordinary Life:  A Testimony of God’s Faithfulness.”

“An Extraordinary Ordinary Life” chronicles a host of profound and life-changing events that have taken place since I began my life of faith 40 years ago.   Since that life-altering moment, I have been awed to hear God’s warm, inaudible voice, felt His promptings, seen His undeniable provision and even witnessed healings and miracles.

In sharing these true-to-life accounts, it is my hope that readers will see the very personal nature of the amazing God I am privileged to know and serve.  He has transformed my otherwise ordinary life into one that is truly extraordinary.  I know He wishes to do the same for all who know Him, to allow His children the opportunity to look back and know that they too have lived extraordinary, if ordinary, lives.

One reader emailed me personally to share (in part), “I just finished your book.  I’m trying to describe how [I] feel…  I’m so full and satisfied and so thankful. Every time I read your writings, I’m left with greater clarity and truth. This by far, was no exception.  The entire book leads us (the readers) to Jesus.  

Every. Single. Page.”

“An Extraordinary Ordinary Life” is  available on Kindle ($4.95) and as a paperback on Amazon ($14.95).

I would love to hear from any of you who decide to dive in…



7 thoughts on “Cindy’s Newest Book Now Available!”

    1. Hello, Amy, and thank you…

      If you decide to get it, I hope you will let me know your thoughts.

      I hope life is treating you well.

      All the best,


      1. Hi Cindy! I bought the Kindle version but am just now getting around to reading it. I buy too many books and don’t have enough time to read! Ha!

        Life is okay, a little tough right now. Maybe your book is just what I need as I’m struggling to navigate this ordinary life I live. I am feeling that I missed the boat on life and I’m trying to find meaning in what I do.

        I watch as everyone around me achieves things and I feel an emptiness.

        Anyway, I will let you know about the book, I’ll leave a review on Amazon too when I finish.


        1. Hello, Amy.

          I’m sorry that you are having a rough go right now, but I’m glad you let
          me know. I have been there too, and I’ll be praying for you – and I mean

          You are welcome to write me privately, as well. You can do that through
          the About Cindy/Contact Me page.

          I hope you enjoy the book. Readers are telling me that it’s powerful –
          although some of it is sad. That’s true. But God has redeemed my life and set
          my feet on a rock – my kids, too.

          Wishing you well,


          1. I’ve had people say that about my life story through my blog…that it’s a powerful message of God’s redemption but also sad at the same time.

            Thank you, Cindy, it always helps to know others have walked a similar path.


          2. Hello again, Amy. I think I owe you an apology. I just saw your name in your post but not your email address. I didn’t know you were “that” Amy. Clearly, you did not need any direction from me – just prayer and support for a personal matter. I’m sorry for misunderstanding, but I have been praying for you and will continue to do so.

            All the best,


          3. LOL Yep, it’s me, ‘that’ Amy, but always appreciate your kind words and encouragement.

            No apology necessary! I didn’t take your reply any such way.


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