Letter to Chris Watson

You are no longer invited or wanted to participate in any form of communications with anyone on the website www.hurtbylove.com or the WordPress sites like this one associated with it. Be it us, the owners or any victims of abuse seeking help and comfort. Your email address’s, Facebook account, and IP’s have been recorded for any future harassment of anyone associated with this site.

Any visitor on this site that is being harassed by Chris Watson is also asked to inform us and report it to the proper authorities.

All records of correspondence has been kept if the need arises for us to seek litigation. Your email addresses have been marked as spam so if you contact us via a new email it is obvious that your intent is for the sole purpose of harassment. Furthermore your Internet Service Provider will be notified as well as the authorities if your harassment persists.

Doug Burrell

owner www.hurtbylove.com



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