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Cindy’s Newest Book Now Available!

Dear friends, I am pleased to announce the release of my newest book, “An Extraordinary Ordinary Life:  A Testimony of God’s Faithfulness.”

“An Extraordinary Ordinary Life” chronicles a host of profound and life-changing events that have taken place since I began my life of faith 40 years ago.   Since that life-altering moment, I have been awed to hear God’s warm, inaudible voice, felt His promptings, seen His undeniable provision and even witnessed healings and miracles.

In sharing these true-to-life accounts, it is my hope that readers will see the very personal nature of the amazing God I am privileged to know and serve.  He has transformed my otherwise ordinary life into one that is truly extraordinary.  I know He wishes to do the same for all who know Him, to allow His children the opportunity to look back and know that they too have lived extraordinary, if ordinary, lives.

One reader emailed me personally to share (in part), “I just finished your book.  I’m trying to describe how [I] feel…  I’m so full and satisfied and so thankful. Every time I read your writings, I’m left with greater clarity and truth. This by far, was no exception.  The entire book leads us (the readers) to Jesus.  

Every. Single. Page.”

“An Extraordinary Ordinary Life” is  available on Kindle ($4.95) and as a paperback on Amazon ($14.95).

I would love to hear from any of you who decide to dive in…




Upon separating from my abusive husband, a whole new realm of emotions surfaced:  a constant fear of what new tactics my abuser might employ to torment me now that I was no longer within easy reach, fears with regard to the kind of future my children and I might face, and on top of it all there was the heartbreaking realization that some people whom I considered friends clearly could not accept the reality of what was going on my life.

Unfortunately, what might have been deemed simple ignorance was insufficient to enable me to dismiss some people’s responses to me.  It went much deeper than that.  It felt more as though they simply refused to believe that something so penetratingly dark could have possibly invaded our lives.  Many came alongside to whisper, “There, there,” and pat me on the back and insist that things couldn’t be that bad.  Those ignorant or insensitive or foolish people only made things worse.

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Response to Marriage Builder Article, “How to Change Fear”

One of my readers referred me to Marriage Builder Weekly, a series writingof weekly articles designed to “save your marriage,” headed up by Jimmy Evans at Marriage Today ministry.

Over the past several weeks, I have responded to a few of the articles to inform the writer (presumably Mr. Evans) of my areas of disagreement, with regard to how the principles they espouse might actually be harmful when applied to a victim of abuse.  I have not yet received a response to any of my messages.

Today, I read their latest piece which arrived in my inbox with the title, “How to Change Fear.”   I was borderline horrified.

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A Redemptive Look at Three of the Most Commonly Misappropriated Scriptures on the Subject of Divorce (Part II)


Part ll
Part ll

It is well past time to acknowledge the measure the harm that has been done as a result of the consistent failure of those in authority to recognize God’s intent as it relates to the application of biblical doctrine on the subject of divorce. In Part I, we examined the well-used “God hates divorce,” decree, a formidable trump card often thrown down by the legalists. Exercising a minimal degree of common sense, it is obvious that the warning Malachi penned at God’s direction was a direct response to the selfish acts of disobedient men and had nothing to do with biblical divorce.

But what about Jesus’ teachings on the subject? On most accounts, what we have been taught is that God commands that no one tear apart the one-flesh union created by marriage, and that those who are compelled to divorce surely suffer from a hardened heart. I accepted those teachings at face value for many, many years. Dear reader, if you are struggling with these same issues, I believe you will find the truth and freedom you seek when you understand the story behind the story and grasp our Lord’s pronouncements in their fullness.

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The World Still Needs Kings

In many, perhaps most, cases men do not realize how greatly they are needed. This world still needs kings.

Men, your wives and children, your communities and your churches need men of passionate conviction and sure-footed purpose. We need leaders who exhibit godly character and demonstrate fearless leadership. We are hungry for those who would be our guardians and moral gatekeepers.

Too often men fail to soberly recognize and embrace the weight of responsibility, opportunity and privilege that falls on them alone, the gift of genuine masculinity that has the potential to carry with it a seal, a crest, a banner of honor, a crown. This culture, this society, this dark place desperately needs men of unwavering moral conviction, men prepared to set the example of spiritual excellence, of faithfulness, of passionate truth and unbridled courage.

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