Links I recommend

A Cry For Justice – Jeff Crippen, author and pastor for over 30 years, and Barbara Roberts, author and survivor of domestic abuse, created this website to educate and encourage abuse victims, particularly those within the church.

Speaking Truth in Love Ministries – Founded by Dale and Faith Ingraham, Truth in Love reaches out to those who have been subject to all forms of abuse, whether verbal, emotional, physical or sexual. The founders and partners endeavor to educate those in churches, colleges and communities about the evil of abuse as well as the need for compassion, protection and healing for victims and appropriate measures of justice for perpetrators of abuse.

Verbal Abuse Journals –Kellie, once an abused wife, now advocates against domestic violence full-time. Her passion is helping women cope with abuse while in the relationship and supporting them as they leave and heal.

Give Her Wings – The purpose of Give Her Wings is to raise gifts and money for mothers who have left abusive situations. Oftentimes, when a woman leaves an abusive marriage, she narrowly escapes with little more than her children and the clothes on her back. Give Her Wings desires to do all they can to help specific mothers who are living in very poor conditions presently.  We want to give these brave ladies a chance to get on their feet . . . to breathe . .. to heal their broken wings and fly free again.

Focus Ministries – Focus exists to help women and families who find themselves in these kinds of difficult circumstances.  Focus offers counseling by phone, email, or in person as well as support groups; educational material, and provision for victims’ physical needs according to available funds.

Help For Victims of Verbal and Emotional Abuse