Are you in a relationship characterized by a perpetual cycle of fear and confusion?  Do you feel as though you are always walking on eggshells, trying to avoid his* wrath?  

Dear friend, it may be that the terror you are living in is not the result of some terrible misunderstanding, nor is it because you have done anything wrong.   It is entirely possible that you are trying to survive in an abusive relationship.   (And just because he’s not hitting you doesn’t mean it’s not abuse.)  

I understand the kind of pain you live with because I lived it too.  

But there is hope.  

Let me teach you what I now know about abuse, so that you can identify it when it happens and begin the process of breaking the cycle and reclaiming your life.

Let’s get started.  Take this quick, informal ‘Abuse Assessment’ and  we can take it from there.

Cindy Burrell

Remember, an abuser will do anything to keep you, but nothing to take care of you.

*Statistically, the overwhelming majority of reported abusers are male; therefore, male nouns and pronouns are used for the sake of simplicity. It is understood that females are similarly capable of abuse, as well. The reader’s understanding is appreciated.

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Help For Victims of Verbal and Emotional Abuse