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“I just want to tell you I have read books on abuse.  This by far is the best book I ever read.  I started highlighting things that pertained to me.  After a while I had to stop when I realized I am currently living this whole book with my husband.  I am encouraged and feel so overwhelmed with the fact this is real the pain is real and I am not insane.  I want to thank you SSOOOO much.  I am on page 97 and can not (sic) stop reading…”  Tina

“I just purchased your book and could not put it down…  I was up all night reading it and now I am starting to read it again…  Thank you for writing with such compassion and cannot wait to order your other books.”  Linda book reviews

“I just finished reading your e-book and can not tell you how deeply it spoke to me. Nearly every single page illicited an “ah-ha!” or “Oh, my goodness, that’s exactly how I felt!” sort of reaction.  At times I thought you must have had a video camera in our house as the interactions you recount are so eerily similar to many of the ones we have had here!” Janet

“​I wanted to tell you that your book “Why is he so mean to me?” had a very profound effect on me. I just finished reading it and already I am starting it over again. I was amazed at how perfectly you described my life.

​Unfortunately I am still in my abusive situation but I hope I will get the strength soon to do what I know I need to do for both myself and my kids. My husband is extremely verbally abusive, has been physically abusive in the past, drinks excessively, does the silent treatment, throws my possessions out, does nothing to help with the house, withholds money, etc etc.. All the behaviors that you talk about in your book is what I am living in now.

​I wanted you to know though that I truly feel that your book has shed a light on these behaviors and how I must do something so Thank You!!”

“I just want to say THANK YOU! I’m reading your book “Why Is He So Mean To Me?” and it’s as if you’re writing about my own life in most pages.

​I’ve been married for 20 years and finally had had enough. It’s been going on since the beginning and even before the marriage. He had my mind so twisted to think that his rational was always correct that I’ve second guessed myself for years about what was right and wrong.  It’s so comforting to read that I’m not alone, nor am I crazy!  I just went through a divorce that was granted on January 4, 2012. He is in jail for restraining order violations and fleeing one cop and trying to run over another with his car. He’s soooooooooo angry right now and didn’t want the divorce. I just couldn’t live that way anymore.

​Again, THANK YOU for writing your book and having your website for all of us going through these trying times!”

​God Bless You Cindy!   Penny

“I really think that your book “Everything My Heart Seeks” is very special. Next to “Desire of Ages,” it is my favorite book about Jesus. You have such a wonderful creative style of writing that takes my breath away at times and puts me awe of our Savior. Thank you for taking the time to write and share it with others.”  Allen

“I bought your book, “Why is He So Mean to Me?” last week and literally devoured it!  Excellent!!  I even hesitated buying it just because I’ve studied and read about everything I could find, books as well as on the internet.  But, I’m SO glad I did because you explained things so clearly, personally, relatable, challenging and encouraging.   I marked it all up with underlines and comments and I felt again, like I was reading my life story with my abusive husband…” Vicki

“I want to let you know how much our weekly Bible study group is enjoying your book, “Everything My Heart Seeks,” where you so eloquently and practically present many of the amazing attributes of God.  It is a true blessing to us individually and in private devotional time, as well as a source of topical discussion.  When will you write the next devotional? ” Cathy


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